Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weekend Fun

We went to one of the many little park areas along the Eagle River this weekend. Our plan was to go to the Nature Center, but the little parking lot was overflowing, so instead we stopped at one of the Eagle River parks. This is the first time I've seen, touched, and walked on black beach sand. What is up with that? Tom taught me that this is actually from Volcanic activity. Cool.  Well, cool as long as we don't have lava pouring our way.

Bonnie and I are slow when it comes to walking and "adventuring." 
So Tom always likes to run off ahead to see what we may encounter, if Bonnie can maneuver it, that sort of thing. It's fun to see him up on mountains or doing his climbing thing off in the distance. 


 Bonnie had a blast picking up rocks and tossing them in the river.
And giggling the whole time.

 Tom was busy finding his own rocks to skip. He's really good at that!
Mine just skip once, maybe twice. He's go on and on.
Below he's showing me what a good skipping rock looks like.

Just make yourself comfortable, Bonnie. Don't worry about the black mud getting on your bottom. Your pants can be washed.

Me and Bonnie checking it all out.

Time to go.
What else can we get into today?

I think a visit to the Alaska Wild Berry Products store is in order. They have a chocolate waterfall. And fudge. And all kinds of fun stuff to look at. They even have Alaska themed scrapbooking supplies. 

Watch out, Bonnie!

Tom posted this on Facebook and said, "I'm pretty sure Bonnie doesn't know what's behind her."

My bother, Scott, commented, "She knows, but supermodels are professional and won't show their emotions until after the perfect shot is taken." 

LOL  I love my family's humor.

Look at all this fudge and chocolate goodness!
We bought some chocolate covered gummy bears and some chocolate peanut butter covered pretzels.


More goodness happening at home this weekend.
We have learned this is the BEST way to cook bacon!

Ginger loves sitting by the fire!

And looking for wildlife.

They both love laying in the sunshine.

Wonder what kind of adventure we can find next weekend?
Until next time....

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