Monday, December 12, 2011

Blizzard and Packing Almost Done

We had a blizzard warning here in Anchorage last night. Tons of beautiful snow was dumped on us. It's quite beautiful! And it's still snowing.

You can click on any of these pictures and see a much larger version of it with more detail.
They even closed the schools today. Wow. Alaska closing school for a snow day. That's rare.

Yes, Bonnie is watching Harry Potter... again....

Thursday is our moving day. It won't be long now.

I've got all of our clothes packed in the suitcase.

Most of my craft items are packed. :( I left out my Cricut Expression and paper so I can play up until the last minute if I need a break from packing.

Most of the kitchen is packed except for the pots and pans (which I shall get to after posting this).
For the rest of the week it's paper plates and sandwiches.

Any food we have left in the pantry is going to charity. Tom's work is collecting food for those in need. I love being able to help out in this way. 

Our neighbor has agreed to take any foods we have in the frig and freezer. I'd much rather give it to someone who will use it than just throw it in the garbage and waste it.

Bonnie is ready to go! She wants to see her brother and sisters again, and her nephews.

We were going to surprise my parents, but I'm weak, I ended up telling them last week. Mama is glad I told them. Plus I was worried they would get worried if they couldn't reach me by phone for several days. (We usually turn our phones off while in Canada instead of paying for that extremely expensive service.)

Tom is going at lunch today to get tire chains even though we already have snow tires on the truck.

We are trying to take every precaution. It's rather dangerous to drive on the Alaska Highway in the winter if you aren't prepared. And absolutely no night driving for us since the animals use the roads more in the winter and because of the little to no visibility with snow blowing.

Please say a prayer of safety for us. I'll be so happy to re-enter into the United states and get on an Interstate again.

Here is our plan. This is just a plan - it may take a lot longer than we've put in this schedule.

If anyone is interested, you can go the the link below and see where we are on our trip.

I'll check back in when we get home and get internet hooked back up.

Have a Merry Christmas and a very fun, creative day!
:) Janis

Thursday, December 8, 2011

South Carolina In Our Forecast

We have so enjoyed being back here in Alaska and the beautiful snow that has been showering down so often. I just don't remember it snowing this often the last time we were here.  Next Thursday, December 15th, we will be moving back to South Carolina. Our 3 month vacation here has been simply awesome, but it's time to get back to the south and most of our family. We hope to make it back by Christmas. Driving in the winter on the Alaskan Highway is not ideal, but doable. It will take us a few days longer on this trip since Tom will not be driving at night on the Alaskan Highway - that's just too dangerous with "white outs" and all the animals using the roads during the winter instead of staying in the snow filled woods and byways.

We are excited that we will be spending Christmas Day at our daughter, Keri's, home with her family. Watching our grandson opening his Christmas presents is going to be a blast!

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!