Sunday, May 9, 2010


The annual May Day Fly-In in Valdez, Alaska was fun!  Here are some of the pics we took.  I won't bore you with all of them.  LOL  We took some video too, but I won't edit and upload those until tomorrow.

The event included competition for the shortest distance to take off & to land.  The same guy won both of those.  He was able to
take off in just 49 feet 
land in just 60 feet. 
I don't know anything about piloting a plane, but even being uneducated in flight, that was impressive.

Some guys then got out their "toy" planes and helicopter and showed us some of the neatest tricks they could make them do with their remotes.  And those planes are HUGE even for toys.

Today we saw the "Flour Bombing".  All weekend I thought people were saying, "flower".  hahahaha

The pilots had a certain number of feet they had to fly above sea level and drop a bag of flour (not flowers) from the plane.  The one that landed closest to the target would win.  It was like watching orange balloons drop from the planes and then explode when they hit the ground.  Exploding flowers would have been prettier.  I'm just sayin'.

During our weekend travels, we also saw some mountain goats or rams or something white with four legs up high on the side of the mountain.  Man!  I keep thinking we need to get binoculars.

We also saw a para-sailer today.  That looks like so much fun.  I would LOVE to do that.

And for just $35 you could go on an airplane ride.  The next opening was at 1pm and we were planning on leaving around 10am, so maybe next time for that.

We viewed a couple of glaciers, visited the marina, ate at the Totem Inn Restaurant, enjoyed watching lots of massive and small waterfalls, drove down Thompson's Pass..... so many eye viewing pleasures this weekend.... and that does not include the dude who sat beside us yesterday on his skateboard flaunting his crack.  NOT pretty.  I know, you wish I had gotten a picture of that, don't you.  You're so silly.

Hope all you mother's had a special day.  I know I did!  What a great weekend.  I love our get-aways!

Hugs,  Janis  :)

(Part of the Alaska Pipeline)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Yeah!  My husband surprised me with a weekend get-away planned.

We are going to Valdez, Alaska which is about 6 hours from where we live in Anchorage.

This weekend is the 2010 MayDay Fly-In event there.

Click here to see the Valdez Event Calendar for details.

Or click here to go to the MayDay Fly-In site.

Don't worry, I'm charge the camera batteries now, so I'll be sure to update you guys with pictures when we get back!  I can't wait!!

Zoom Zoom,


Our family goes for walks almost every day.  Here are some pictures from today's walk.  Enjoy!!

These chairs remind me of the ones on the Starship Enterprise... minus the fish heads of course.

Sitting on her favorite bench eating  a pop tart.

The river is rising!

Several etches in the concrete under a bridge down the path.

Yes, there is still some snow in ice in places.

Beautiful day!  57 degrees!

Monday, May 3, 2010


First of all, thank you, Catherine, from Paper Addict!  Click here to visit her blog.

She has given us this blog award:

(loosely translated, 'Your blog's a Charm')

So sweet!  Thank you so much!  I love fairies, so this award picture is perfect!

Here are some pictures from some of our latest adventures around Alaska.  

You'd be surprised how loud these birds are.

On our walk today in 40's weather.

This fox has been spotted behind our apartment a couple of times.  At least I assume it's the same fox.  Maybe not.

Such a ham.  LOL

And this was on our drive Saturday, May 1, 2010, up the mountain.  And yes, it was actually snowing.  I love Alaska!!