Monday, April 18, 2016

Alaska Move 2016 - Day 4

Day 4 

April 5, Tuesday

So by now we've been in the truck for 4 days.  Things are starting to entertain us that we'd normally ignore.  Like funny road sign names for towns. LOL

A whole lot of nothing to look at for a while.

Tom says we've reached our Milestone. LOL

Woo Hoo! Go fast! (OKay, it's in KPH not MPH)

Moose Jaw?

A town called Drinkwater...

Tom is happy with his decision to have the snow tires put on.


Edmonton construction was nuts. Just sayin'.

And this happened....

So I'm singing along with the radio to "I'm all about that bass," and Tom tells me, "Okay. Stop." Yep. I'm that good. ~Janis' post to Facebook

Ending note by Tom per his Facebook status that night...
It was't quite as good of a day distance wise, but progress was made. I think we finished with about 620 more miles. We only have about 1900 remaining. Bonnie had a great day since I finally got her xBox plugged in. Didn't hear much from her today. smile emoticonTomorrow, we hit the ALCAN. We're pretty excited about that because that's where the beautiful scenery starts. Unfortunately, that also means Janis won't be doing any timely updates since there's little to no cell coverage for the last 1500 miles of the trip. 

Day 4 Recap

Travel Time: 9:30am - 9:00pm
Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Started: Saskatchewan, Canada
Ended: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
627 Miles
Wildlife: Massive Bird Migrations, Bison, Deer

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