Monday, April 18, 2016

Alaska Move 2016 - Day 1

Hi, everyone!

We are so happy to be back in Alaska. It's beautiful here. Love the mountains and our view from our new home.

I decided to break up the posts about our trip into days. It's just too much to try to squeeze into one post. So look for daily blog postings and photos from our trip over the next week or so.

Day 1 - Leaving our Home & Heading to Alaska

April 2, Saturday

After a crazy rollercoaster ride of trying to sell our house, we decided to go ahead and leave for Alaska before closing. Our first buyer fell through, but we were able to secure a backup buyer right away.

We decided on Friday that we were going to leave on Saturday (the next day). This is our 23rd move since we've been married. I have discovered with the last few moves, that it takes me longer and longer to pack and unpack each time. Maybe that's an age thing.

On Friday night we sat on the front porch excited and discussing what else needed to get done to leave by the next day. Most of the heavy furniture was already in the trailer. We still needed to load our beds, washer/dryer, and computer desks, TV, couch, etc. I was amazed on Saturday at how much we really had left ourselves to do on moving day. Where was all this stuff coming from? We had planned on hauling my car in the trailer too. Yeah. That wasn't happening. No way it was going to fit. I thought we had everything under control and ahead of schedule, but boy was I wrong. Thank goodness Tom's brothers, Mom, and other family members came to say goodbye and help. We didn't think we'd need any help, but we sure did, and was grateful for it.

Tom played Tetris with the big furniture
and how to best fit it in the trailer.

We didn't pull out of the yard with the trailer until 3 in the afternoon. WOW. I was expecting us to leave at noon.

About 3 miles down the road, we discovered we had a flat on the trailer. Hmmm, hope this isn't a sign of how the trip is going to go. The nail in the tire probably came from our own yard. 

Tom, being the smart cookie he is, had purchased 2 extra tires for the trailer for just this sort of thing. He got the tire changed, and we were off again. Spot Connect running the whole while so our family could follow us on our trip. 

Day 1 Recap

Travel Time: 3pm - 9pm
South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee
Started: North, SC
Ended: Kimball, TN
350 Miles

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