Friday, November 13, 2009

Still Loving The Snow!

It's snowed.  And then it's snowed.  It's still snowing.

I love it!

I haven't driven in it yet.  And may not.  Tom doesn't want me to drive in it.  I have no real desire to, so maybe I won't drive again until April?

I have spent many, many moments just sitting in the chair with a book and spending more time looking out the window than actually reading.

Not only is the snow mesmerizing to watch, but the people outside in it are a hoot!

The walkers, the walkers with dogs being dragged across the ice, the cars that can't start at the stop lights and spin, the other cars that act like there's no snow or ice on the roads and keep on going as if it's normal, the snow plows you see on the roads and the sidewalks...  It's all very entertaining.

This was Tom's view driving home from work yesterday at 4:00 pm.


Lizzy said...

Looks Beautiful Janis, is it still snowing? I figured you's have that cricut out crafting away!

Lizzy said...

You Ok ??? I haven't seen you on in awhile,check in soon