Friday, November 6, 2009

Duck Feeding


Bonnie & I went across the bridge that spans the river to arrive at the lake behind our building so that we could feed the ducks this morning.

I just laughed out loud when we got there.  The lake is frozen solid. 

People have even tossed tree logs on it.  I guess either to see if they would break the ice and sink or maybe to see how far out it is frozen.  It doesn't look like it in the picture, but it's frozen all the way across.

I have a lot to learn about Alaska.  LOL

So we threw the bread in the woods by the lake.  I figure something will eat it:  birds, moose, bears, etc.

Jingle, Jingle



sophiesmama said...

Wow, what's the temp been there? Must be pretty cold if the lake's frozen! Brrrrrr!

Janis said...

Hey, Mary! The temps have been anywhere from 11 to low 40's. I don't know why I didn't even consider that the lake may be frozen. I guess because I've never personally seen such a thing before. Have a fun weekend!