Monday, November 2, 2009

Wolverene Point - Tom's Sunday Hike

Temperature in the teens.  Deep snow.  Quick elevation climb.  Majestic views.  These are the things that keep Tom hiking every weekend.  Here's a quote from Tom from yesterday:

15 degrees. Snow on the ground. 10 miles and 3800' elevation gain in front of me. Can it possibly get any better?

For those of you who don't live in areas where snow and ice are typical (and we are learning so much), these are shoe chains with sharp metal spikes on them for walking / climbing in ice and snow.

Tom said some areas were deeper than this he had to walk through on his climb.  I think snowshoes may be a purchase in the near future.

What a handsome man!  Yes, that is ice in his beard and he hasn't even gotten to the top yet.

Here Tom is at the peak looking straight down the other side.  Wouldn't want to go down this way.  Ouch.

This is a bridge over a frozen (mostly) river.  The water level on the right is higher than the water level on the left because of how the water froze.  He said you could actually hear it gurgling a little.

Southwest View

East View

West View toward Anchorage

Here's a quote from Tom while he was resting at the top and eating a snack:

This is simply majestic, and the Fruit Loops just make it better.

It took him 4 hours to hike up, but only 1.5 to come down.  He loves hikes like this.  Can't wait to see what's on the adventure list for next weekend. :)

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