Sunday, October 18, 2009

Talkeetna Road Trip

Today we went to Talkeetna... about 2 hours away from us. 

We had lunch at the Twister Creek Restaurant.  It was sooooo good!  I had skewers of shrimp, chicken, and steak all in different sauces; Bonnie had her usual hamburger; and Tom and beer battered Halibut.

We walked around the small town visiting a little shop with furs, birds, and candy.  I picked up 3 postcards.

Then we walked down to a trail that leads to Talkeetna River.  There were tons of rocks of all sizes and all of them smooth and round like pancakes.  The edge of the river was iced over - so cool. 

I have a friend from high school that collects rocks from all over.  People send her rocks when they visit different places.  I posted one of the rock pictures on her Facebook and told her it was a very good hint of what I got for her today that I would be sending her this week.  She is very excited.  :)

We got some great pics of the Alaska Range covered with snow.

We stopped at K2Aviation and got some info about flying tours.  Our son, James, did this several years ago when he visited Talkeetna and said it was a must do item!  The people were really nice and informative.  And they said they would give us a 10% Military discount - which is very nice.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you...

We saw a dog sled team practicing by pulling a 4-wheeler.  That was impressive.

And we saw a moose too.  Isn't Alaska great?!

Sweet dreams.  Until next time...



sophiesmama said...

Hi Janis!
Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your photos and posts about your Alaskan adventure. It's like I take a mini vacation with each one...I love it! Keep 'em coming...I need a vacation everyday, and this is as close to ever seeing Alaska as I'll ever get!
Hugs to you and Bonnie!

Lizzy said...

Good morning Janis, I love looking at the pictures and reading about your new adventures in Alaska!
I can't believe a Moose walking down the street, how cool is that?