Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun Weekend So Far

Last night we went to our very first hockey game!  It was a blast!!  We (Alaska Aces) played Victoria Salmon Kings.  WE WON!!

Being it was our first time at a hockey game, we were introduced to many new experiences.  First of all, when the DJ would say, "The Salmon Kings are in their full strength."  The crowd would respond, "And they still suck!"  This was done several times during the game, and it cracked me up each time.

Those guys could skate!  We saw a few lose their hockey sticks during play, one broke in two, several players slammed up against the glass (which was hilarious I must say), a few fights break out, a puck going flying into the crowed over the safety net, Salmon fish parts get thrown onto the ice at one point..... it was quite the adventure and so much fun!  Bonnie had a blast yelling and clapping.  It was fun watching her have so much fun!  All day today she swings her hands like she's holding a hockey stick and says, "I want to go."  We told her, yes, we will definitely go again.

This morning, we had a delicious breakfast.  I made cinnamon biscuits and grits while Tom fried some onions, ham, and seasoned scrambled eggs.  Yummy.

Then to our surprise, Bonnie starts saying, "Deer!  Deer!" while pointing out the apartment window.  Well, no, they weren't deer, it was a family of moose!  Mama, Daddy, and Baby.  Walking down the sidewalk and crossing into the intersection.  One lady who was out walking her dog quickly turned around and jogged in the other direction.

Then we were heading downtown to visit the Oxygen & Octane Expo - which basically is a winter sports show with vendors, snow machines, etc.  We talked to a few people at booths who were providing maps for local parks and ski trails; had fun talking to the Nordic ski booth guys getting us educated about different types of skiing; spoke with an Anchorage Police Officer who asked Tom if he was looking for a career change (which was tempting for him) and discussed the new series on NatGeo featuring Alaskan Cops; checked out the clothing booth for 6th Avenue Outdoor Outfitters (ski bibs $15 - no we didn't buy any), and picked up lots of local event info.

After leaving there, we did some downtown site seeing before going to Earthquake Park.  Very interesting info and some nice views there.  Then it was off to Fred Meyers to get groceries for the week.  At the checkout, we met a worker who is also from Columbia, SC and told her we were going home to watch the Gamecocks play on TV.  She was so excited to meet other people from South Carolina and who knew who the USC Gamecocks were.  :)

The Gamecock game against Alabama was stressful.  We lost.  :(((

Tomorrow Tom is planning on a longer hike at Flattop Mountain.  I have no idea what else we will do.  I hope everyone else has a great weekend.

Go Cocks!

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Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

What a fun post! haha! that was the same experience I had too at the hockey game. I laughed too when they got slammed up against the glass. Well, win one game lose the other. I guess it evens out..LOL that is SO WEIRD with the moose! whoa!! that would just flip me out! Beautiful scenic pictures too. wow...Thanks for sharing! luv ya girl!