Sunday, October 25, 2009

Full Day

Another great Saturday experience.

Here is a view of downtown Anchorage from the front of the Anchorage Museum.

It was a beautiful day!

We visited the museum and learned a lot about Anchorage and Alaska.

We saw a life size piece of the pipe line and read about how it was built, when, and it's purpose.

We saw interesting displays chronicling the history of Alaska.

Bonnie enjoyed it too.  They had a kid science area that was hands on.  That was fun.

Here is one of the quilts they had on display.  The detail was amazing.  I took this picture especially for my sister and my MIL.  They both are into quilting.  I personally would never have the patience for a craft like that.

This is a sun doll one of the local crafters made.  I thought it was really cool looking.

After the museum, we went to check out the downtown mall which is 4 stories with a food court at the top.

We walked around on every floor to check out all the stores they had to offer.

Bonnie liked the GameStop.  She got a new Wii game - Cars 2.

We had lunch in the food court and then drove around downtown some more.

We went to REI (Tom's favorite store) and he got some new hiking pants and a guide to all the trails in Anchorage.

He plans on hiking today (Sunday) up to Flattop Mountain again and going up 2 adjoining peaks.

We drove up to Flattop Mountain yesterday too just so we could walk the 1/2 mile lookout trail.  The wind was calm this time so we didn't feel the need to rush so much like we did last time.

We went to get groceries for the week before getting home to watch the Gamecocks game.  We won!

One of the things I was most looking forward to here is the snow.  It still hasn't fluttered down here yet.  Although there was a dusting of snow on Flattop Mountain yesterday.

We keep checking the 10-day forecast and it keeps changing.  It has predicted snow several times, but always changes it when those days get closer.  I told Tom I'm beginning to think we brought the South Carolina weather here and maybe it isn't going to snow at all this year.

Think Snow,


Lisa said...

Hi Janis!
As a girl who has lived where there is snow during the winter all her life (Northern Ontario), TRUST ME, when I say you don't want to rush it! Hahaha...before long you will be desperately wishing for warm summer days where you can si in the back yard and enjoy the sun! I do love the first snowfall though! It is so magical!
Glad to hear you are LOVING your new beginnings!

Janis said...

LOL, Lisa. I'm thinking I should trust you on this one. :o)