Monday, October 5, 2009

Just A Little Exploring

Bonnie and I spent a couple hours out and about today.  It was a little scary..... I get lost so easily.  But thankfully I followed a blinking light on my google iPhone app that says where I am and where I want to be.  I'd be in a whole lot of trouble if I had not have had that available to me!

We went to a local bank to get info on opening an account.

Then we went to the library.  Oh my gosh it was HUGE!  We are used to a little shoe box size library, but this one has 4 floors!  Bonnie had a blast with all the video selections available.

Then I was going to try to find the post office to mail Kati her birthday card (which will be late because her 19th bday is today), but decided I wasn't feeling that adventurous.  Funny... when pulling out of the library parking lot, I saw the post office right across the street.  Can you believe that?  How convenient!

Then we went to Walmart to get a "shake" which is what she calls chocolate milk, some butter sticks so we can make a homemade cake tomorrow, and turn in a prescription request to pick up tomorrow.

Short little update.  Gotta go try to straighten out this moving in mess before Tom gets home in a little while.  I want it to look like I did something around here today.  Which I did, but it sure doesn't look like it.  :)

Enjoy your day!


sophiesmama said...

So glad prayers were answered for safe travel and you all got there ok. Have fun exploring your new hometown and keep posting those pictures. Most of us will never get to Alaska, so we want to see everything we can through your camera lens!
Take care!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Wow...I bet bonnie didn't know what to DO with herself in a library that big! LOL! how fun!!

Janis said...

You're right. Bonnie had a hard time focusing because there was so much to look at. And she wanted to go back yesterday! We usually went 2 times a week because movies were due back in 3 days where we used to live (which was very inconvenient), but here they have a standard week. So I told her, no, she'd have to wait until next Monday to go back.

I'm so glad to be back chatting with you, Mary, and Lizzy. I have missed you all so much!

Lisa said...

Wow janis- I am so impressed! I am proud of the way you guys just jumped! SO glad you had a safe trip. I haven't read enough to know where you guys are- what town/city?

Thinking of you- Lisa and clarence!

Janis said...

Hey, Lisa! We are in Anchorage... arrived 6 days ago. I absolutely love it here. I love our apartment (even though it's small); I love the view from our apartment; I love the weather and the wildlife and that everything is just right here. I don't have to drive 20 or 45 minutes to the nearest town to shop for anything or do anything. It's so great!! I'm glad you found the blog! See you on FB!