Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday Adventures

Yesterday we visited a few different places... First we went to the mall and had lunch. Always a fun thing to do. :) Then we went to the Oxygen & Octane Winter Sports Expo. Honestly, I wasn't as impressed as I was the last time I went. Tom said it should have been called the Snow Mobile Show because that's what we saw most there... one after the other... row after row.... After that we went to the Anchorage Museum. There is a special limited exhibit there of Mammoths and Mastodons. That was way cool!

Tom went off a little in the afternoon window shopping for Mountain Bikes and drove by Cook's Inlet... here are some beautiful pictures of Cook's Inlet he took....

And check this out.... a little later in the afternoon... what a gorgeous view we have from our apartment!

I was looking forward to the possibility of rain turning to snow during the night and back to rain the next day.... but yesterday was so clear. The skies were more clear than they have been in a while. So no snow, no rain. :(  I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.  It's October now, and that's when the first snowfall usually begins here. Yeah!

Today we are going to Kincaid Park and watch the guys enjoy the Motorcross Park on their dirtbikes. Have a fun Sunday!

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Boots And Bling Time said...

Gorgeous pictures. Those mammoths are amazing! What a great view from you window!