Monday, October 17, 2011

Hatcher Pass

Our Sunday adventure....
Tom says, "Are you ready? Let's go!" And Bonnie & I jump in the truck. We play this game that I have to guess where we are going or just be surprised when we get there. All I knew was that he brought me his Xoom for the car ride saying I may want to play with it on the trip. Hmm... must be a destination that's more than just around the block or across town.  Then he told me it was somewhere we haven't been before, but somewhere he's been wanting to go.  And he said it was an hour away.  Our surprise destination was Hatcher Pass.

As we began to climb the mountain and gain elevation, we got closer and closer to the snow line on the tops of the mountains. The rain was pretty steady all the way from home during our ride there.

About 5 minutes after passing this part of the river, the rain turned to heavy snow showers. It was beautiful!

I don't know why I get so excited and giggly about snow. It just makes me happy. We love the snow!

We all got out and just jumped around and threw a couple of snowballs too. I loved it. 

On the way back down the mountain, Bonnie rolled her window down so the snow would land on her arm. She giggled the whole time, which made Tom & I giggle too.

I love our weekend adventures! I love that Tom takes Bonnie & I off to places we've never been.  We were gone all day doing all sorts of fun stuff.  We got some groceries at Sam's (which is always fun!). Bonnie & I got some new boots rated to -40 degrees F and waterproof with heavy tread so we can walk and not slip or get wet feet in the snow.  We had lupper (lunch / supper) at Gallos Mexican Restaurant. Yummy-ness!

I love my new boots! Do you like me BLUE shoestrings? Bonnie & I got the exact same pair in the same color. We took out the brown shoestrings and lace up the blue ones. Pretty!

Until our next adventure... or until the snow comes....
Smiles! :) Janis

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Boots And Bling Time said...

Nice to know that you had so much fun at Hatcher Pass...Love your new boots!