Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Bonnie & I walked outside today to go to the truck and came face to face with this big boy....

You can click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Bonnie had 1 more step to go down before I looked up and saw him.  Huh... he saw us though. He was facing us and looking right at us.  I said, "Bonnie! Turn around! Turn around!"  I got her back inside the door while I stood there with the door open waiting on him to leave.  That took forever.  He kept eating the bushes for a while.  Walked a few feet. Stopped. Turned his head around to look at me again. He did this several times. I kept talking to him. Saying, "Yes, I'm still here. You need to leave now." As if he knows English. LOL

Scared the poopie out of me!

Other than that, we had a fun day! We went to the library and got some horse movies. She loves horses. She also got about 5 picture books. One is Mother Goose The Cow Jumped Over The Moon.

We also went to Tom's work to pick him up for lunch. We had THAI food at THAI TOWN (Authentic Thai Cuisine Bangkok Style). It was yummy!

And we stopped at REI to get a new bike bag for Tom to put his laptop and other goodies in during his bicycle ride to work. He left for work on his bicycle this morning while it was still dark outside. Yikes!

Snow update!  The snow on the mountains is much heavier now and the snow line is lower. That is good news!  I'm still watching the weather forecast every day. And every day it's changed. I can't wait for the snow showers to begin!

Smiles! :) Janis

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