Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kencaid Park & Potter Marsh

Last weekend we had so much fun walking at Kencaid Park & Potter Marsh.  These first 2 pictures are very large. If you click on them, they will open in a new window. Why? Because you need to find TOM in these pictures. Can you find him?

It was very peaceful, and beautiful here. The air was a bit cool, but the sun was so warm on our faces, it was very pleasant.  And the next few pictures show Tom climbing back up to where Bonnie & I are sitting on the top of the hill / mountain.

All a kid needs is the outside and a stick.  They will entertain themselves. :)

The climb back up was VERY steep.  Tom decided to take a little break in Bonnie's lap.

On the other side of this nice look-out point, is a very cool dirt bike track.  We stayed for a while in the stands watching the boys jump and ride.

Then off to the Swan Walk.

Bonnie & Tom were watching the fishes in the water.

Until next weekend!  Enjoy your week with friends & family. Smiles! :) Janis