Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Flies!!!

It's been WAY too long since I've updated this blog. So much has happened.  Let's see, the last time I posted we were living in Houston, Texas.

From there we moved back to South Carolina.

From there we moved back to Anchorage, Alaska.... which is where we are now. We are so happy to be back in Alaska!

I've got tons of pictures and adventurous stories to tell you. It's a little overwhelming to get it all lined up in a chronological order.  So I say BLTZZZZ to that!  I'll just jump right in and throw it all at you at one time.  :)

This was filmed August 21, 2011 while we were in the process of traveling from South Carolina to Alaska. This video shows Bison on and around the Alaska Highway we were traveling on.

My hubby, Tom, loves to hike the Alaskan mountain trails.  He's already been on several hikes.  Luckily he takes lots of photos and sometimes even does a short video so I (and all of you guys too) can see what he sees while he's out discovering Alaska.

This next video was taken 2 weeks ago on August 28th, 2011.  He hiked up Wolverine Peak which I believe is his favorite hiking trail... so far.... I really like the way he points out where things are. I loved that. He even says, "Hey, Janis!" to me during the video. Awww....

If you just want to look at some pictures.... here you go....

Yep, he had not even started the hike yet, and there's a BEAR ALERT!  Gee whiz. Luckily, that section of the trail was in a different direction than his planned route.

Pa, Ma, and Baby moose....

I hope there's not a bear in dem dar woods since you have to walk right in the middle of all that. :)

A couple weekends ago, Tom hiked Crow Pass. In this next short video, Tom is at the top of his hike and its SNOWING!  I love snow so much, and am anxiously awaiting the first snowfall.  That's why you'll hear him say, "Sorry, Janis," because he got to enjoy the snowflakes, but I didn't.  :(

And here's the last video of Crow Pass when he stopped for a little break after heading back down the mountain.

Last weekend we went to Seward, Alaska and visited Exit Glacier. This is the first time I've seen a Glacier up close and personal. I was thrilled that Bonnie & I were able to make the short and easy trek up the mountain to the viewing area.  Here are some pics of that....

This is the glacier at a distance....

Love that there's a warning sign to stay on the trail and Tom is on the other side of that rope. LOL  Actually, he's on the trail, it just loops around.

Didn't really have a good perspective of how massive this glacier is, did you?  It's HUGE!

Okay, so I snuck a picture of me in here.  Just to let you know I really was here....

This is a close-up of the gorgeous aqua blue inside the glacier. It almost glows. It's so beautiful!  It was COLD with the wind blowing off that ice into our faces.

Welp, this was a very long post, but I think you guys are mostly caught up now.  Just 2 more pictures....

Cool, huh?  Until our next road trip or hike or adventure.....  Smiles! :)
Janis, Tom, & Bonnie