Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time to Catch You Up...

The last time I posted we had just made the move to Houston and were living in a hotel.  A few weeks of hotel living became an apartment search.  We've been here in Houston for 7 months and next week we move back to our home in South Carolina. Can you believe that?  We were planning on moving back to Alaska, but you know, plans tend to change and evolve over time... especially with us.  I love that about us.

Our home in South Carolina is a project in progress.  It was built in the late 1800's and was the original schoolhouse for the town we live in.  We bought the home from my husband's grandparents several years ago.  A year or so after that we stripped it down to the studs to start all over.

As of today, it has drywall and plywood floor with one functioning bathroom.  No paint, no doors (except to the bathroom), no trim, no flooring, no functioning kitchen.  When we get back, our first goal is to get the kitchen functional as soon as possible.  While Tom is building cabinets in there, I'll be busy priming and painting the entire interior.

One day when this house is done, it's going to be breathtakingly beautiful.  I hope that day is not far away.

Until the next update...

:) Janis

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