Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday Pictures

We didn't make it to the museum yesterday.  It was so COLD outside.  I could hardly stand it!  We went to Office Depot (got me some binding rings to craft with making mini albums) and the library. 

I took lots of pictures outside of the beautiful scenery.  Here they are:

This is a moose laying down behind the library parking lot.  He has some snow on his face and he is chewing on something.  Tom took the picture with my iPhone and he looks so far away, but he really was very close.

Look at this car!  We thought that was so funny.  I was wondering how long he must have been parked there to build up that snow on top, but Tom said, no he drove here like that.  What's really funny, when we got back home, we saw it in our parking lot.  LOL  So, I guess he really was driving around like that.

Here's a snow pile on one side of the parking lot.

I thought this was an awesome sight.  Tom and I couldn't figure out why the sun ray is going up. This was taken about 3:00 in afternoon.  It was looking like sunset.

Here's another snow pile.  That's what they do here.  They bulldoze the snow into one big pile when clearing parking lots.

I just thought this tree was beautiful.

Snowy tree lined street on the way to Office Depot.

And isn't this cool?  You can see the icicles forming on Tom's truck.  He also has icicles hanging under the bumper and wheel wells.  (Is wheel wells right?... You probably know what I mean.)

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