Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Adventure

Last weekend we got 10 inches of snow! LOVING IT! This week it has continued to snow on and off almost every day. This morning it's very white outside because the snow falling is so thick and heavy. For me, this snowfall and scenery just doesn't get old.

This is the bridge beside our apartment that leads to the park, pond, and connects to one of the many walking trails around town.  Bonnie's favorite thing to do is drag her hand along the railing while walking so that the snow falls down. LOL

On Sunday we visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. They've started a new deal-e-o where if you have a Museum Membership (which we do) you can get in free the first Sunday every month. We really enjoyed it and are already planning on going again the first Sunday in December!

As you can see below... there are tons of animals to drive around and see. Of course there is also lots of pull off parking places to get out and get a closer look. But be sure and NOT touch the fence around the bears or you'll get a nice large SHOCK! (No, we didn't touch it.)

We took lots of pictures and videos.  Here are just a few of them we wanted to be sure and share with you.

WOW!  That's some DEEP Snow!!

Of course they have an awesome Gift Shop. I liked this carving!

Too much moola for me though.


Okay, so the below is a terrible picture, but these cats (Lynx) were large and beautiful. Probably shouldn't try to pet them though. Just sayin'. 

Bonnie's favorite part of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center was looking at the owls. They were beautiful! And so much bigger than I thought owls would be. We decided to take a couple of stuffed ones home with us. She's been watching the owl movie "Legend of The Guardians" and playing the Wii game. 

 Okay, before I go, here's a short video of the big, fluffly snowflakes blanketing us this morning. Notice how the driveway is clear? It's heated. How cool is that?

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Boots And Bling Time said...

I wonder if that RV is stuck or just parked! Beautiful pics. I sure enjoy your adventures!