Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here are some photos from our move - Augusta, Georgia to Houston, Texas.  We will be moving back to Alaska next year probably sometime between March and May.  We like it here in Texas so far.  I love all the USA flags flying all over the city and the Texas flags.  People are really super nice.  I have good feelings about being here!!

Welcome to Mississippi

The picture above and below is an elevated highway we rode on going over the swamps.  This elevated highway was 18 miles long.

Welcome to Louisiana

I just thought this was a really cool bridge.  I can't remember what port we were passing, but the boats in the water here were very cool.

The bridge that disappears into the heavens

Texas state line

Texas Welcome Center

Welcome to Texas!  Yee-Haw, y'all!

Notice the speed sign.  The white speed sign is for day driving.
The black speed sign is a different speed limit for night driving.
At night, you can't see the white day speed sign because it's non-reflective.  
How cool is that?

Houston!  Notice the large USA Flag.  They are everywhere in Houston.  I love it!

Gosh another bridge.  That's different.  NOT!

We have a few of these spaghetti bridges in Columbia, but here in Houston, these things are everywhere!  And some of them are so very high.

Downtown Houston, Texas

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Sheree said...

It is a long way but well worth it!