Tuesday, September 22, 2009

6 More Days Until We Are Alaska Bound

Was your weekend as fun as ours?  We did tons of sorting for the Yard Sale this Saturday, packing for the move, shopping, and planning.

Our passports aren't here yet.  Hmmmm..... Hope they get here soon.  I'm predicting they'll be here on Wednesday.  If they aren't here by Thursday, then I'll have to make another trip to Columbia to get another copy of our long form birth certificates and make an appointment to stop during our travels and apply in person for another passport so our trip is not delayed.  They do have offices where you can walk in and get your passport the same day.  But we are hoping not to spend the extra dough.  It would just save time and money if the passports which are already on order come in this week.

At this point, we're excited and anxious to get on the road.  There are still things that have to be done this week:  errands, etc.  Our plan was to leave first thing Sunday  morning, but after discussing the logistics of all that needs to be done, we are now thinking leaving Saturday night would be better.

Tom is getting an enclosed trailer for our move.  Our plan is to drive my small car into the trailer and pack around it.  He would really like our mattresses at the front of the trailer, so if we slept on the beds Saturday night, we wouldn't be able to do any packing into the trailer until Sunday.  Which is why he's thinking load it up Saturday and leave that night instead.  It sounds like a good plan.

We are all wondering how Bonnie will handle this 5 day trip.  She doesn't really understand what we are talking about when we say Alaska or moving.  We've always done a lot of traveling, and she handles that part really well, but we've never traveled somewhere where we had to spend 5 days driving in the truck.  That's probably going to confuse her a little.  Tom thinks once we get her bed set up in her new bedroom and get her Wii set up, she'll be as happy and content as always and figure out that this is our new home.

We are planning on updating the blog during our travels with pictures, journaling, and videos.  Check back often!

Time to get some things checked off of my To Do List.  Have a great day!



Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Wow...lots going on and lots to look forward to. I wish you a fun and safe move. :)

Anonymous said...

Having grown up at a similar latitude and so having some experience with the Far North, I don't think that either snow or cold will be the main shock to your systems. That's just a question of dressing appropriately, and you're mostly good. Be prepared for the daylight situation - how little of it there is in the winter, and how much of it there is in the summer. In fact, the toughest time might be the fall, after it's started to get dark early, but before there's a blessed light-reflecting snow cover.

Enjoy your adventure!

/Tomas (from Affinity)

Lizzy said...

Hi Janis and Ton , Looking forward to updates, hope you got a good start lastnight.